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Based in Berlin - I specialise in record label management, recorded music and communication. I have a wealth of experience in the industry and have worked with various digital or vinyl based underground labels. My overall services include coordinating the scheduling, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, mastering, graphic design and business affairs for independent labels. I can help your artists feel taken care of and give them a professional environment by taking over day-to-day responsibilities. Furthermore, I’ll help you build a long-term brand strategy on socials, DSPs, general music platforms to make the most out of your imprint. 




Day-to-day Label Management

Emails can be a time-consuming task with their demands for mastering, artwork design, agreement terms, release dates, formats, timelines, approvals, etc. etc. etc. Let me take care of all the day-to-day work for you, so you can focus on A&Ring and your brand.

Analytics / Market Intelligence

I can support you in building a structure and a plan to create visibility within the market. We can put a strategy together for the label’s general public performance with all platforms, giving the artists the option to shine with their release. I track sales, charting positions, reach, impressions, features and results of each specific campaign, product or format I develop. 

Administration / Royalty Management

Do you proof-read each tab in the statements you receive from your distributor, licensing partners or any 3rd party companies? If not, you probably lost a lot of money without knowing about it. I’ve seen them all and can help you understand your cash flow, and, especially, filter for mistakes.
Additionally, I can help with producer, remixer, rights holder and licensee royalties. I place great value on artists receiving their statements correctly, in time and in an understandable way. 

Business Affairs

Metadata and agreements are the number one source for problems in our industry. I can take care of every piece of music released on your label having all rights by each copyright owner and every writer, composer, producer, featuring artist, vocalist, etc. being credited correctly as well as having given their contractual consent for their work. Neighbouring rights, publishing, licensing, performance rights,  etc. will all be taken care of.

Release & discography management

Brand management

As an entertainment brand your visibility needs to be constantly up to date, but who has time to regularly update Spotify playlists, Soundcloud spotlights, Beatport charts, etc.? I'll advise you on the best visibility options, create templates with you for all platforms, DSPs, stores and will keep those updated. 

Social Media

A lot of labels and artists know how socials work but finding the time to create, curate, and properly tag content can be a struggle. I stay current with the latest news and trends in the social media world, and always search for new and relevant content to share. On the label side, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent posting schedule, but I strive to find creative ways to highlight not only new releases, but also past hits, public performances, and other notable achievements.


I take care of pitching every release to all relevant promotion platforms, DJs, all relevant DSPs and PR partners, including writing press releases. For extensive campaigns I can help you find external PR agencies suitable for your goals. Even for labels without additional budget for PR, there are solutions out there to get the music heard. 

Are you sure the labels you release on pitch your release properly, know how to deliver it to stores in a way you'll have the best visibility, discuss all PR options with you, give your release the best treatment it should have? I keep track of my artist's upcoming releases and make sure everything is done perfectly from a distributor as well as consumer perspective. 


Most labels and artists don't use their full potential for marketing and brand awareness. Whether it's followers on Bandcamp or subscribers for newsletters - Those are people that are waiting for content that you have but don't have time to create. I can help you find the loopholes in your system, discuss the best ways to do your marketing and bring your brand to more eyes and ears.


Motion assets, Spotify canvas, brand artwork, playlist artwork, podcast artwork, YouTube videos, banners, anything that needs creating when a designer is not on hand, is going to be taken care of.

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